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Our Team

Linda Pierre


A Florida native, Linda Pierre knew at a very young age that she would someday become the connecting agent of her community. She recalls explaining to her parents her passion for public service, and one day starting her career as a Government Administrator. As a true visionary, Ms. Pierre's dream ultimately came true, and after serving 18-years in various governmental capacities, she brings to South Florida, Timeless Results, Corp. 


As the founder of Timeless Results Corp, Ms. Pierre is dedicated to helping underserved communities, individuals /families, and non & for-profit businesses reach their ultimate potential. Ms. Pierre and her team, currently provides an array of services ranging from consulting, project management, mediations, business development and employment & training services, to individuals and organizations throughout the State of Florida.  Ms. Pierre is a proud advocate for Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. Ms. Pierre is a strong believer and advocate for  Women Against Workplace Abuse Issues. Ms. Pierre enjoys volunteering for Zanmi Beni Children’s Home Foundation,  Connected Through Someone Special, Inc and Year-Up. Her hobbies include Spending quality time with her family, cross-fitting, reading, traveling, Mod-Fashion, Haitian-Asian Infused Cuisine and baking for FancyCakes.

Alissa Domingue

Director of Operations

Alissa Domingue joined Timeless Results Corp in 2016.  Assisting South Floridians in creating and expanding their small businesses in a short period of time. 

Alissa believes that any and every individual has the power to mold their lives into the image they
want. Ms. Domingue learned from a very young the importance of entrepreneurship and what it takes to be successful through the guidance of her family members. In addition, Ms. Domingue utilized the skills that she obtained from years of working with and establishing multiple Law Firms throughout South Florida. Ms. Domingue is able to create the vision for our clients by developing realistic strategic plans, which help guide our clients through the difficult process of entrepreneurship.

For the past several years, Ms. Domingue has aided multiple Law Firms and Non-profit Organizations
obtain their exemption status, secure licensing and contracts. In addition, Ms. Domingue provides Credit Repair Restoration Services to our clients attempting to apply for public and private funding. Ms.
Domingue is also a licensed State of Florida 620 Adjuster and serves as an Advocate for South Florida’s
Disabled Community.

Ms. Domingue is an avid reader, traveler and loves fine cuisine.

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