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Over the last decade, Mediations have emerged as an exciting alternative for families, couples, and business owners to reach negotiated settlements of disputes that arise in the unresolved matter. For one, Mediations are generally faster, a more cost-effective process, where the environment of cooperation and fairness is less stressful than a crowded courtroom.

As your Mediator, our team will work with both parties to receive the most comfortable experience in resolving family/small claims issues without a fight. Our impartial facilitation process promotes a “win-win” solutions in all of our agreed upon cases. Our lead facilitator will ensure couples, families, and business owners become problem solvers, where they are safe and allowed to explore their options, collaboratively, by talking things through without any criticism when reaching a final agreement. Mediation areas of focus include:


Family Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Small Claims

Parental Responsibilities

School & Workplace Conflict Resolution



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